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Grand Opening of David Richard Gallery in the Santa Fe Railyard

Contemporary David Richard Gallery (also one of our website design clients) hosted the grand opening of its new location in the Santa Fe Railyard District this Friday, May 25th. The incredible new space is light, airy, and huge—the second largest in town, ideal for presenting large-scale paintings. The aesthetic is an expansion of the gallery's sleek mainstay location downtown on Lincoln Avenue.

Exhibitions 'Color Affect' by Robert Swain (boasting paintings 72 x 84 inches in size), and 'Seeing Red' (the inaugural group show in the new space) are on view through June 23rd. We love the 'color theory' behind both presentations:

Color Affect:

"Robert Swain has spent his entire career devising a unique system for organizing over two thousand colors and studying how humans interact with and feel color. Through his rigorous evaluations, Swain has gone beyond how we perceive the physical effects of color to how we experience the emotional and physiological sensations produced by color in certain arrangements and configurations. His paintings go beyond physical observation to a phenomenological affect."

Seeing Red:

"...features many of the gallery’s artists and their abstract artwork in a variety of media, including canvas, paper, stainless steel, fiberglass, cast resin, and photography. Abstraction uncouples color from reference and allows for a perceptual experience through the memories, emotions, and feelings triggered by color—relative to composition, medium, and context in the work of art."

Congratulations, David and Richard, on your fantastic new space! We can't wait to see more David Richard style in the Railyard this summer.

Map to both of the gallery's locations >>

Cheers, Kristin

Photos by Kristin Carlson

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