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Santa Fe Collective is at large in the world!

Hi Everybody!

Santa Fe Collective is at large in the world! So read on to see what we have happening as the season changes!

We are really happy to continue to show the work of Santa Fe artists in town and out in the world. Currently we are featuring the beautiful photographic work of Marion Wasserman at Verde on San Mateo. We are going to be rotating artists every 6 weeks, so stay tuned. Marion's work will be up until November 2. Molly Wagoner's mysterious photos up next!

Opening on September 30th is a show I'm curating at David Richard Gallery as part of the EPIC Santa Fe Art Project. The show is called Womens' Work, and highlights the work of Sydney Cooper, Thais Mather, Terri Rolland, Lucrecia Troncoso and myself. Join us for the opening on September 30th and the panel discussion that I will be facilitating on October 1st. I'm expecting a dynamic discussion with these brilliant and fabulous women who know full well that they are standing on the shoulders of the badass women artists who came before us, and at the same time are creating the way forward for younger women in art.


We are psyched to hit the road to Marfa,TX to bring all the usual Santa Fe Collective suspects to a pop up on Saturday, October 8th at the uber hip and delightful El Cosmico during The Chinati Open House weekend. If you are going down there for the big event, follow us to El Cosmico--we'll be right next to the bar! October 8, 11am-7pm.

Ever want to learn casting and mold making? Chris will be teaching an introductory level workshop this fall!

Casting genius Chris Collins invites you to his studio to learn Moldmaking and Casting Basics. In this 2 day workshop, several methods of mold making techniques will be discussed and demonstrated, including 1 and 2 part molds. Participants will bring a sculpture or object to mold during the first class session. The second session will include de-molding and casting in variety of materials, which may include plaster, plastic, wax, or foam. $300/person. October 22nd and October 29th. There are 6 spaces available--register here!

And speaking of Chris Collins--I'm here to tell you this man is BUSY. He just completed the above pictured piece, Grotto, for Santa Fe's annual AHA Festival. It's an early 1960's truck cab that he and a team of goodhearted art people dragged out of an arroyo so Chris could gild it in copper. He is also working on a piece for Wilderness Acts, an upcoming project of Axle Contemporary that opens on October 1 at the Leonora Curtin Wetlands Preserve. He will have work in The David Richard curated exhibition for the Santa Fe Art Project. On October 15th he will have a rather large found piece in Mettle, the next show at OffRoad Productions curated by Adam Rosen

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