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  • Kelly Richardson

How to Transform through Art While Traveling

Have you ever found yourself in a far-flung city exploring museums and art galleries and feeling inspired and creative?

Exploring the David Richard Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico; a recommended “must do” for any art lover or explorer from Santa Fe Selection. © Loving the Suite Life

Matthew Penkala, I Can't Breathe with You Looking at Me, 2013, Acrylic on canvas stretched panel, 48" x 48"

Lilly Fenichel, Color Geometric Study E, 1976, Acrylic ink on gessoed panel, 30" x 40"

Take it a step farther, and waltz into the studio of an acclaimed artist for an afternoon, or observing a storied craftsman while he makes his art, is the perfect addition to any vacation as well as a great way to disconnect for business travelers. While your emotions are raw and vulnerable in a new city or a distant location, art is the perfect way to connect with your soul. A unique place to tap into your artistic side is the “Body as Brush” workshop at the Sunrise Springs Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tapping into your raw emotions in a safe and trusting environment allows you to identify your unique feelings and move yourself into an positive energetic state while releasing negative vibes. Using my body as my brush, I learned to move the brush from my hips, which connected the energy I was releasing to all points of my body as the brush moved the Sumi Ink across the paper. I was asked to pick an emotion or a feeling; I chose frustration, and then I was guided by Diane Chase, on how to incorporate my body, brush, breath, words, and vision into my painting. The release of emotion from your body to the brush is incredible, and in a few short moments, a piece of artwork is created. For those that don’t want to actually make art themselves or take an art class while on vacation, you can still tap into your creative side by visiting an artists studio, and seeing something, such as a beautiful cypress wooden bowl as pictured above, being made from scratch. An artists studio provides a safe haven and a place for spiritual wellness. Watching an artist create something and their transformation during the creation will inspire anyone that is present. Georgio Romani’s woodworking shop just outside his home in Tuscany is no exception. Getting the opportunity to watch him turn a block of wood into a gorgeous bowl or cutting board will be enough to get your creative juices flowing. If you’ve inspired yourself enough to create a masterpiece while you are on the road, look for an “open studio” with a local artist to guide you. While not a typical vacation activity, the opportunity to jump into the studio of a local artist and actually work with them to create something will allow you to explore your soul and gain confidence. Jumping into an “open studio” session at Lauren Mantecón’s studio in Santa Fe involves more than art, and includes a some wine, a la liquid courage to delve into your emotions, and some artisanal chocolate to boost your senses. Lauren guides you through the two hour session and helps you to present your feelings on paper, and create a masterpiece that is unique from a variety of mediums including paint, chalk, pencil, and pastels. Just when you think you are done, she guides you through further exploratory, and continually creates an environment where you are safe to experiment with colors, shapes, feelings, and more. If letting your inner emotions play out on paper is too much for you to handle, make reservations at a hotel with an art gallery inside of it. Spend some time enjoying the installments and letting the art inspire you. Many galleries, like the Buffalo Thunder Collection of Art at the Hilton Buffalo Thunder, use Geotourist, an app that allows you to self-guide yourself through their extensive art collection.

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