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October 7, 2019

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Shaped and Colored Canvases by Mokha Laget, Now Represented by David Richard Gallery

August 1, 2017

David Richard Gallery is pleased to announce representation of international artist, Mokha Laget. Below is a preview of new paintings that will be presented in September in her first solo exhibition with the gallery. 



Mokha Laget 
Moreover, 2017 

Flashe on shaped canvas  
29 x 38 x 2" 






In her current body of work, Laget pushes the interaction of color combined with shaped compositions to create the illusion of three-dimensional space. 


Laget takes advantage of Hans Hofmann's "push and pull” color theory and Josef Albers’ teachings on "color interactions". However, she then pushes it further by incorporating the extremes of color juxtapositions explored by Op Artists, such as Julian Stanczak and Richard Anuszkiewicz, to create vibrational qualities to excite the eye and add a retinal quality, while also utilizing the interplay of color value shifts and shaped canvases from Downing and Reed of the Washington Color School to create the illusion of volume and three-dimensional space. 





Mokha Laget 
Stratum, 2017 

Flashe on shaped canvas  
43 x 57 x 1” 







Mokha Laget 
Hotspot, 2017 

Flashe on shaped canvas  
42 x 33 x 1" 






Born in North Africa, schooled in France, traveling internationally as an interpreter in foreign service and exhibiting her artwork around the globe has certainly informed her paintings, both in terms of composition and color palette. 


However, the greatest influence on the most recent body of shaped and colored paintings was her graduate work at the Corcoran College of Fine Art in Washington, DC and her studies with the founding members of the Washington Color School, including Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland, Gene Davis, Thomas Downing, Howard Mehring and Paul Reed. Their exploration of translucent colors layered on unprimed canvas created a wide range of hues with the greatest economy of means, but their ingenious combination of those value changes along a continuum really created the sense of volume, space and perspective with just color and a simple shaped canvas. 



Mokha Laget 
Phase 5, 2017  

Flashe on shaped canvas 
35 x 20 x 1” 







Mokha Laget 
Crossbow, 2017  

Flashe on shaped canvas 
48 x 48 x 2” 







Mokha Laget has exhibited internationally for the past 30 years, including in France, Spain, Japan, Italy, Canada, Egypt, England and the United States. Her work has been covered in Art in America, The New Art Examiner, The Washington Post, Art, Ltd, The New Mexican, THE magazine, Dallas Morning News, TREND Magazine, The Washington Review, the Santafean. Her work is included in the collections of the Ulrich Museum, The Museum of Geometric and Madi Art, Art in Embassies, The Artery Collection, The National Institutes of Health and included in private and corporate collections of national and international stature.  She lives and works in an off grid studio in the mountains of New Mexico.    

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