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A Group Show Featuring: Trygve Faste, Jacob Feige and George Rush

August 31 through October 9, 2010

Opening reception Friday evening, September 3, 2010, 5:00-8:00 PM

130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite D, Santa Fe, NM 87501

p 505-983-9555 | f 505-983-1284 |

David Richard Contemporary is pleased to present Framework, a group exhibition of paintings by Trygve Faste, Jacob Feige and George Rush. The paintings have a photo-real quality, yet they are entirely fictional. Each composition seems framed, either through the lens of a camera, a window or other device that filters and directs our attention.

Trygve Faste’s paintings are seductive with rich colors and abstract patterns, yet subtly disturbing as the lighting and settings seem unreal and disorienting with the mix of interior and exterior elements within the same painting. His art comments on technological innovations impacting and influencing our culture, which in turn, dictates our immediate environment and living space. Thus, natural landscapes have been replaced by highly constructed interiors and cityscapes adapted to our cultural demands.

Jacob Feige paints spectacular, sublime landscapes of very personal locations in Colorado, New York and California that border on utopian. Overlaid with colorful geometric abstractions, splashes and drips, they push into the realm of the psychedelic. The abstract structures create framing devices and a kaleidoscope of color through which earth can be viewed from afar. Oddly, the layering of abstractions seems nearly natural.

George Rush’s work is somewhere between realist painting and abstraction with spaces that seem familiar and real, yet they are entirely fictional, derived from magazine images, personal photos and his imagination. Contemporary interiors and architectural features dominate his paintings with large glass windows providing reflections, glare and city vistas beyond. An unsettling mood is created with apocalyptic lighting, strong cast shadows from modern furnishings and the sense of disorganization during a period of transition, like catching someone while moving in or out of the space.

David Richard Contemporary is located in downtown Santa Fe north of the historic plaza. The gallery offers a range of important contemporary art with an emphasis on abstraction in a variety of media by established and emerging American and international contemporary artists.

Gallery Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM

For additional information please contact: David Eichholtz,

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