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30 Artists to Watch

As we close our last chapter for 30 Artists To Watch, we realize that you've been waiting, perhaps feverishly for what would come out. This last post does not disappoint. Our featured artists are exciting because they are re-orienting the way we see. This is no easy task. And their attention to formal/surface concerns - is an interesting turn, decades after Greenbergian aesthetics. Perhaps because some issues never leave art, they just re-surface in a new form later on. As Henri Matisse once commented "A new painting is a unique event, a birth, which enriches the universe as it is grasped by the human mind, by bringing a new form into it." Thanks for reading. And well, every good quote deserves another, so in closing we leave you with Snoop: “We're going to take this thing here straight over the stratosphere, baby."

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