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Danielle Shelley at David Richard Contemporary

The David Richard Contemporary Gallery in Santa Fe is displaying the exhibition “Earth Measure Blues” from 1 to 29 May 2012. This exhibition will display new works by Danielle Shelley.

Her latest painting series draws inspiration both from Donald Judd’s installation in Marfa, Texas, and from nature. The installation itself is made of a hundred aluminium boxes, each one with a small detail making it different from the others.

This new series is based on a collage series made of older works cut to form geometric shapes found in nature and aligned to form different patterns. The colours draw inspiration from the earth along with different blues.

Born in Houston, Danielle Shelley studied economy and history in Ithaca, the Mideast at the University of London and Africa at the University of Los Angeles. She worked successively as an independent writer, librarian and editor. She studied painting, illustration and colour at the Bay Area in Texas and won the University of Texas Prize in 2003, the Oakland Pro Arts Gallery Prize in 2004 and the Linda Durham Contemporary Art Prize in Santa Fe in 2009.

Art Media Agency, April, 23, 2012

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