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  • David Eichholtz

Munson Hunt - "Sculpted"

Munson Hunt, Wood and Glass Slabs, 2011, Charred pine and Cast Glass, 96" x 67" x 3"



July 27 - August 25, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, August 3, 5:00-7:00 PM

130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite D, Santa Fe, NM 87501

p 505-982-0318 | f 505-982-0351

David Richard Contemporary is pleased to present Sculpted, the gallery’s first solo exhibition for Munson Hunt. The exhibition features a selection of recent sculptures made of reclaimed timber and flat wood panels to which a combination of sawing, chiseling, charring and burnishing with graphite was used to create the wall reliefs and free-standing sculptures. Also featured is one of Hunt’s newest materials, glass casts of eight-foot tall timbers that have been flamed and burnished to be nearly indistinguishable from its wooden counterpart.

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