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  • David Eichholtz

DR Projects at David Richard Gallery featuring Matthew Kluber, Phillis Ideal, Gregory Botts, and Mic

DR Projects at David Richard Gallery is a platform that allows the gallery to highlight new and experimental artworks by the gallery’s artists as well as guest artists and curators. It is a pleasure introducing new talent and exciting artwork to the community and our collectors.

Currently, DR Projects is featuring new artworks by the following artists.

Matthew Kluber has 3 new projections on view in the gallery in a project called “Electr-O-Pura”. Specifically, they are computer-generated digital images projected onto a painted aluminum panel. The combination of the light-based moving digital imagery and stationary painted surface creates a unique hybrid that is stunning. His clever programming and software keeps them fresh. They are like slow moving paintings. Each measures 48” tall by 96” wide. Check them out in the gallery or view short videos of each on the website at

Matthew Kluber, Friday I'm In Love, 2015, Alkyd on aluminum, custom software, computer, digital projection. Ed. 1 of 4. 44 x 96 inches

Matthew Kluber, Friday I'm In Love, 2015, Alkyd on aluminum, custom software, computer, digital projection. Ed. 1 of 4. 44 x 96 inches

Phillis Ideal’s new collages in hot summer colors are featured the project “Copy, Paste, Save”. Ideal pours, brushes, sweeps and smears paint onto a variety of supports: canvas, paper, panel and the floor. The strokes and puddles of color are then cut and assembled onto larger supports and collaged with portions of her works on paper, screens and other found materials. See her new abstractions at

Phillis Ideal, Party Time , 2015, Acrylic and collage on panel, 36 x 36 in

Gregory Botts. Earlier this summer the gallery presented a selection of larger site and studio paintings by Botts, side-by-side in a salon hang similar to his presentation in March of this year at Austin Peay University. The presentation shed light on his intricate process for creating his wonderful studio paintings. That process takes representational imagery from paintings from various site locations and combines them with elements of abstraction, all set to the rhythms of poetry, and infused with art criticism and history. The results are compelling paintings that capture a cycle of nature and the evolution of contemporary art. This selection, “The Southern Route” focuses on smaller site paintings, mostly from Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and California. See them in person in the gallery’s Viewing Room and on the following web page:

Gregory Botts, Ghost Ranch Juniper, 2009, Oil on canvas, 24 x 48 inches

Continuing with landscape painting, Michael Scott’s new project is painting grand landscapes from American National Parks and forests. However, there are some interesting twists and uses of materials, but you will have to wait until the masterpieces are completed and ready to exhibit. Scott’s painting practice strives to capture the awe and scale of nature in the tradition of American landscape painting. He does this by creating a spiritual connection with the landscape and focusing on metaphysical symbols from Native culture—the wolf, owl, spiral of smoke, etc. This project, “On The Road Again” features a number of small studies for the larger scale paintings that Scott painted while traveling around the country in his Bambi camper. See these great studies in the gallery’s Viewing Room or on the following webpage:

Michael Scott, Yosemite, Oil on board, 10.625 x 8.5 inches

Written by David Eichholtz

Santa Fe, August 30, 2015

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