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Mark Dagley - Artist Profile

Mark Dagley and assistant 2018

Before there was art:

Growing up, I liked collecting rocks and fossils, breeding tropical fish and playing classical guitar. I began painting seriously as a teenager and my goal was to become a professional artist.


I had an instructor in high school named Raymond Wilkins who was a fine oil painter...

Colorists and Mannerists:

Color has always been a primary interest of mine and the Venetian colorists...

Schooled by color:

Having grown up in Washington D.C. when I did...

A certain type of magic:

Painters are probably the most vexed by their own work...

Qualities musical and otherwise:

Since I am also a musician, I tend to use elements and techniques of composition...

The 10,000 Dot Rule:

Each series of work contains a motif. Sometime that motif may be the shape of the canvas...

Visual architecture:

I like to create design elements which initiate a composition. My work is a type of visual...

Seeing things not as they are:

A small child once referred to a three-stepped floor sculpture with a high gloss surface as...

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