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  • David Eichholtz

Rebecca Allan and Dean Fleming "Landscape Medicine"

Left: Rebecca Allan, Pruning Season (Iroki Garden), 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 52” x 60” © Rebecca Allan

Right: Dean Fleming, Pueblo, 1980, Acrylic, Libre soil, Roplex on canvas, 66” x 65.5” © Dean Fleming

David Richard Gallery is pleased to present the work of Rebecca Allan and Dean Fleming in a two-person exhibition, "Landscape Medicine", opening Wednesday, June 12th and continuing through July 13th. The exhibition title refers to the artists’ shared dedication to revealing the majesty of landscape and the power of the natural world to open us to deeper levels of perception and attentiveness to our surroundings. For Allan and Fleming, soil is also a unifying, metaphorical material that is regarded by each artist as a life-sustaining substance. The opening and Artist Reception will be on Wednesday, June 12 from 6 to 8 pm on the First-Floor exhibition space at 211 East 121 ST, New York, NY 10035. Please contact the gallery at or call 212-882-1705 for additional information.

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