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Congratulations to Dee Shapiro, Recipient of A Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

Dee Shapiro Odalisque 2019 Mixed media on paper 43 x 49" Framed size - 47" x 53" x 2.5" Click here to view the artwork.

DEE SHAPIRO Awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant Congratulations! David Richard Gallery, LLC 526 West 26 Street, Suite 311 | New York, NY 10001 P: (212) 882-1705 Private viewings are available by appointment, please call or email the gallery to schedule. Click here to view the artist page

David Richard Gallery is pleased to announce that Dee Shapiro has been awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant for 2023. The grants were established in 1985 by Lee Krasner. The individual artist grants provide financial resources for artists to create new work, acquire supplies, rent studio space, prepare exhibitions, attend a residency, and offset living expenses, allowing them to better pursue their art. The Foundation has awarded 5,000 grants to artists and organizations in 79 countries. (Source:

Dee Shapiro



Acrylic on canvas

42 x 46"

David Richard Gallery celebrates this significant accomplishment and praises Shapiro for her five decades of creativity and exploration of patterns in various media and on diverse supports. She investigates not only new and different compositions, but unique approaches and viewpoints that imbue her artworks with subtle content and meaning. Ever evolving, Shapiro not only explores the formal aspects of the art form of patterning, but leveraging patterns to deconstruct, educate, and comment on issues concerning feminism, the female body, cultural constructs of gender and race, as well as the male gaze throughout art history.

Dee Shapiro



Mixed media on canvas

48 x 50 x 2"

Shapiro started her professional career as an artist after raising her children, thus, later in life then most artists fresh out of an MFA program. Influenced by sewing and working with textiles throughout her life, she met Miriam Shapiro, the two became fast friends and she was on her way. Through much of her career, Dee Shapiro’s work focused on geometry, the Fibonacci progression, color, textiles, and patterns.

Dee Shapiro

My Reclining Nude


Mixed media on paper

24 x 39"

Framed size - 30 x 43

Something remarkable happened in 2018 as Shapiro embarked on an entirely new and different body of work, her first time working with and exploring the human figure. Specifically, she focused on iconic female nudes throughout art history, but with her own unique take and leveraging pattern. She gave the nude models identity and personality using appropriated photographic imagery, textiles, found objects, beads, artificial flowers, pubic hair, and other unconventional supports and materials.

Dee Shapiro

My Leda and her Swain


Mixed media on paper

66 x 40"

Shapiro has pushed the boundaries in her most recent series of classical female nudes, as noted above, just as she did with her series of “Sexy Drawings” in 2010 - 2013. The latter, exquisitely detailed renderings on paper of male and female genitalia, shifted the attention away from objectifying and essentializing the female body to a focus on playful and decorative depictions of genitalia as the functional and organic structures they are, with of course, a dose of innuendo.

Dee Shapiro Comfort Zone 2011 Ink on paper 30 x 22" Click here to view the artwork

Dee Shapiro is one of the most innovative and creative artists we have ever met, she is tireless and works constantly on textiles, drawings, collages, paintings, and curating exhibitions. She is an ideal candidate for a Pollock-Krasner Grant and we expect to see much more energizing, challenging, provoking, and thoughtful work come from Shapiro utilizing these resources.

Dee Shapiro November 1984 Paint on canvas 70 x 48 x 1" Click here to view the artwork

Dee Shapiro The Three Graces 2022 Pencil and mixed media on paper 18 x 12" Click here to view the artwork

All Artwork Copyright © Dee Shapiro All Courtesy David Richard Gallery. All Photographs by Yao Zu Lu

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