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Introducing Peter D Stephens and His Geometric, Optical and Color-based Abstract Paintings

Introducing Peter D Stephens, a very established and talented artist from upstate New York who is new to the David Richard Gallery in New York. Previewing a selection of his recent color-based, geometric and optical paintings. His current studio practice explores color and color interactions  a long with different materials and supports as well as different methods of applying acrylic color to them. The process is a combination of painting, mark making and collaging to create compositions of Geometric Abstraction   with subtle illusory and optical qualities that plays with three-dimensional space in a two-dimensional picture plane as well as challenging visual perception. Clearly inspired by Op Art, he has created his own visual language through the use of novel materials and approaches to mark making.

His paintings are in the permanent collections of the following museums as well as many private and corporate collections: Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo, NY, Castellani Art Museum, Niagara Falls, NY and Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, NY.

Peter D Stephens Dark Matter, 2018

Acrylic on wood

52 x 72”

Peter D Stephens Supercollider Beta, 2014 Acrylic and oil on canvas  40 x 40“

Peter D Stephens Karma Chameleon, 2019 Acrylic and collage on wood  30 x 24“

Peter D Stephens Stargazer, 2017 Acrylic and collage on wood  36 x 30“

Peter D Stephens Red Brick House, 2019 Acrylic and collage on wood  54 x 36“

By: David Eichholtz, Manager

David Richard Gallery, LLC

New York

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