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Introducing Spectacular Flowing Color Abstractions By Theresa Daddezio

Theresa Daddezio  has a very organic approach to her abstract paintings, rooted first and foremost in color theory, she begins with the color palette. Next, she has an idea of certain shapes and imagery that she wants to include and lays that down first, then the rest of the painting expands and evolves from those initial decisions. The other important component of her art making practice is the use of line. As she expands and lays down parallel lines next to one another, bands emerge and as they bend and curve across the canvas, certain shapes and forms appear. Given the wide range of values of her palette, the bands of color inherently become modeled and the shapes and forms suddenly have volume, giving the compositions an internal depth and contrasts that induce illusory effects, allude to scale and may reference an object or suggest a scene. Daddezio acknowledges Color Field painting and Op Art but not as an homage, instead as a point of entry and launch pad for her organic approach and desire to create a sense of internal history and references within her paintings. Her passion for the line and “drawing”, infusing representational imagery in her compositions and using suggestive titles generates her unique visual language and creates exuberant paintings that are lush, full of stimulation and fire on all cylinders that trigger many sensations and memories in viewers.

Theresa Daddezzio Frog Pond, 2017 Oil on canvas 46 x 34"

Theresa Daddezzio Electric Lick, 2018 Oil on canvas  38 x 24"

Theresa Daddezzio

Mirror, Mirror, 2020

Oil on canvas 

16 x 8"

Theresa Daddezzio Upskirt Intermission II, 2019 Oil on linen  18 x 10"

Theresa Daddezzio Juggling Differences, 2018 Oil on canvas  36 x 24"

About Theresa Daddezio

Theresa Daddezio is an artist located in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA from Hunter College with a concentration in painting. Her work has recently been published in MAAKE Mag, Coastal Post, and for the Wassaic Residency Project in upstate NY. Exhibitions include “Carbonara Sunrise” at Transmitter, Three: at DC Moore, NY, NY; Known: Unknown at the New York Studio School; New, New York, Abstraction in the 21st Century, at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and a solo exhibition in Itoshima, Japan. Her work has been covered by Hyperallergic, The Queens, Ledger, Bushwick Daily, and the L Magazine.

By David Eichholtz

September 28, 2020

New York

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