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Heather McGill Mixes Materials, Color, Sculpture and Stitching in Her Constructions


Taking in the increasingly complex sculptural works of McGill is a battle of contrasts. Surface and ground duke it out, with cool transparent plastic overlaid on a myriad of lush hand-painted color, intricate laser-cut patterns neatly pinned down by hand stitching. A swarm of cultural references, profound and playful, banter about. She brings a new kind of meditation on volume and void, a baroque vision in plastic.

Heather McGill Three Points for Henry Moore, 2015

Acrylic, paper on linen 24 x 48 "

Copyright © Heather McGill

Heather McGill

Acrylic on linen 49.5 x 25 x 6"

Copyright © Heather McGill

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