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  • David Eichholtz

Haub’s Constructions Explore The Interplay Between Color, Light and Space


Christian Haub, in his dedication to rigors of abstraction, has followed his own path as a contemporary practitioner. As a young artist he was very much drawn to color and has cited influences by the work of Josef Alberts, Frank Stella and earlier artists such as Piet Mondrian. Color goes very much hand-in-hand with light and growing up in Miami and later studying in Rome – two places where light is so much part of the environment – it seems natural that an artist like Dan Flavin would have an impact on his work. Indeed, in terms of structure and the radiance of Haub’s Plexiglas constructions, this is most keenly felt.

Christian Haub Float for June Carter Cash, 2015 Cast acrylic sheet 80 x 48 x 4.5"

Copyright © Christian Haub

Christian Haub Float for Ritchie Valens, 2014 Cast acrylic sheet 36 x 39 x 3.5"

Copyright © Christian Haub

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