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Terri Rolland's "Intervals"

Blue_Purple, 2011-16, Acrylic and clay paint on panel, 6" x 18"


This body of work derives from a group of paintings begun in 2011, subsequently revised and finally completed this year. What were originally vertical paintings - made of stacked panels dealing with ideas of ascendance and growth - have become horizontal paintings dealing with ideas of rhythm, relationship and continuity.

Purple_ _Black, 2011-16, Acrylic and clay paint on panel, 5" x 20"

In this series I continue my exploration of repeated elemental images within small-scale hard-edged panel paintings. Dense rounded forms and their corresponding spare rectangles of paler colors combine and stagger to create an intimate composition, a chord or a harmonic. The allusion to music is intentional, though in this case loose and modest. My work is often related to musical structure and the physical attributes of sound. Tone, pitch, value, harmony, movement, texture-these are qualities and ideas used interchangeably in painting and music. Here I am adding the idea of the interval- the space or difference in pitch between shapes and notes. It’s interesting to note that there are also intervals in mathematics. Probably because math and music deal with elements and phenomena so directly like space and time and abstraction, their poetry and beauty inspire me. The lucky thing about painting is it provides a place to bring such elegant ideas into the physical and visual plane using the wobble of the human hand and some clumps of color.

Purple_Black, 2011-16, Acrylic and clay paint on panel, 6" x 18"

While the paintings are created to stand alone and hold a singular space, in this exhibit I’ve chosen to assemble them together on one wall to create a kind of symphony or vector field of movement and color.

Terri Rolland's artwork can be view at David Richard Gallery as part of The Santa Fe Art Project

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