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Featured Artworks by Paul Reed

These paintings have not been seen or available since the 1960s. A real treasure trove of his brilliant artwork.

Paul Reed Emertop C, 1967 Acrylic On Canvas 39 x 46" Copyright © Paul Reed Estate

Paul Reed 18M, 1966 Acrylic On Canvas 29 x 44“ Copyright © Paul Reed Estate

Paul Reed 15B, 1965 Acrylic On Canvas 28 x 21” Copyright © Paul Reed Estate

Paul Reed Coherence XVIII, 1966 Acrylic On Canvas 79 x 28” Copyright © Paul Reed Estate

Paul Reed Emerging V, 1967 Acrylic On Canvas 60 x 120” Copyright © Paul Reed Estate

PAUL REED (1919 - 2015)

Paul Reed was a visionary painter and a founding member of the Washington Color School. He was probably one of the most creative and least understood of the group. He explored not only color as object and color as abstraction, along with his colleagues, but also a fascination with visual perception. His practice broadly explored the interplay of pigment, surface and light to create his iconic works of translucent color on unprimed canvas. However, he also explored the interplay of color and shape to create the illusion of three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional picture plane. Our retrospective exhibition for Reed, “A Career In Visual Perception” in 2013 not only featured never before exhibited works by the artist, such as the ones above, but mapped his interest in visual perception throughout his career.

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