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  • David Eichholtz


A selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and photographs in the classic combination of black and white (maybe a touch of silver or red).

Catherine Howe Carborundum and Silver (Mantis), 2016 Acrylic, encaustic, metal leaf, carborundum grit on canvas 48" x 36" Copyright © Catherine Howe

Erik H Gellert Awaken, 2016 Ceramic and housepaint 21" x 13" x 16" Copyright © Erik H Gellert Click here to go to the artwork

Peter Demos Untitled (Large), 2008 Acrylic on canvas 84" x 66" Copyright © Peter Demos

Painted shaped canvases with exposed wood by Charles Hinman. These wall reliefs allow the artist to combine subtly raised surfaces, shapes and shadows to create a tension between three-dimensional space and the two-dimensional picture plane.

Charles Hinman Pelican, 1977 Shaped canvas, acrylic paint, wood 30" x 47" x 5" Copyright © Charles Hinman

Charles Hinman Canted Forms, 1977 Shaped canvas, acrylic paint, wood 36" x 51" x 5" Copyright © Charles Hinman

Keith Johnston Flower Pot, 2008 Encaustic and graphite on wood panel 36" x 36" Copyright © Keith Johnston

Oli Sihvonen Untitled (010), 1988 Acrylic on canvas 70" x 46" Copyright © Estate of Oli Sihvonen

Francis Hewitt Op Ended, 1964 Acrylic on canvas on masonite 24" x 24" Copyright © Estate of Francis Hewitt

Elaine de Kooning After Lascaux, 1984 Lithograph, Edition 2 / 18 33" x 46" Copyright © Estate of Elaine de Kooning

Tom Green Thought, 1993 Acrylic on canvas 72" x 60" Copyright © Tom Green Estate

Nico Salazar Juntos (Together), 2016 Acrylic on masonite 16" x 20" Copyright © Nico Salazar

Dylan Pommer Mona and Bones, 2016 Acrylic on board 16" x 20" Copyright © Dylan Pommer

Jack R Slentz Highway Man, 2015 Steel and rubber 31" x 12" x 11" Copyright © Jack R Slentz Suspended from a bracket on the wall

Gabriel J. Shuldiner Force Error and Prayer, 2015 Mixed media 24" x 25.75" x 8" Copyright © Gabriel J. Shuldiner

Bryan Whitney Obscure Structure #18 (Sculpture), 2006 Archival ink on cotton rag paper, Ed. 1 of 7 44" x 56" Copyright © Bryan Whitney

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