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Systematic Paper, a group exhibition of Kwon Young-woo, Rakuko Naito, and Dorothea Rockburne June 14, 2017

Although, all the artists come from very different backgrounds, they speak a common visual language. Dorothea Rockburne is a Canadian artist, drawing inspiration for her art works from very unexpected fields — mathematics and astronomy. She is currently based in New-York. Rakuko Naito was born in Tokyo, but moved to New-York after she graduated from the Tokyo National University of Art in 1958. Fascinated by shapes of nature, along with geometry, Rakuko perceives the natural forms and textures as a great challenge to examine the limits of painting and drawing. The last one, Kwon Young-woo, was one of the founding figures of Dansaekhwa, the Korean monochrome painting movement of the the 1970s. All three of them began their careers in the 1960s, when a wave of questioning conventional boundaries between various media had started. Systematic Paper is a beautiful exhibition, composed of astonishing art works, that erase distinctions between painting and sculpture. It is a diverse array of compositions implemented by methodical exploration of the material properties of paper, combining the work of all of them. The exhibition is on display until June 17 in Tokyo, one of the Blum & Poe gallery’s three locations. Photograph courtesy of Blum & Poe

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