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Artist Profile - Andrew Huffman

Soccer, skateboarding . . . art:

When I was growing up I wanted to be a professional soccer player or skateboarder.

Classical training, abstract tendencies:

I had a very classical type of training at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Connect the dots:

I felt an overwhelming pressure from society ...

Art historical inspirations:

I enjoy most of the artists from the ...

All in the family:

I also come from a family of artists...


From undergraduate school ...

Creeping in:

Usually I love to look at art, but I don’t directly ...

Chop Chop:

Craig Dransfield literally provided a space ...

Qs over As = Art:

I believe that the meaning in my work is never fixed or concrete; so it has the power to constantly evolve and change with time and new perspectives. I want people to participate in the enigma of it. Again, I value questions more than answers.

Learning from his past:

What I get out of my work changes with ...

Painting as jazz:

My painting process parallels a jazz musician ...

The whole rainbow:

I love all color, really. But usually, my favorite color ...

Aluminum lawn chairs and his sister’s beaded necklace:

For my latest body of work [Modulation]...

Abstract for you:

It keeps my mind on its toes and is more enigmatic for me.

Abstract for others:

Perhaps they feel it challenges them in ways representational art does not.

And hard-edge painting:

Crispy, crispy, crispy edges. Super-clean edges and just a clean paint application, so the focus is on the color and form, not on the emotion of the brush mark.

In the acrylic grid:

Painting with acrylic is a time-sensitive ...

Not in Kansas anymore—not:

I live in Denver, Colorado. I grew up in...

What matters most:

What matters most to me is caring...

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